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TenniRobo is an innovative compact robot for table tennis that combines a skillset of the professional trainer with intuitive control via smartphone. The Bluetooth connected table tennis machine allows the user to simulate any kind of shots or their combinations, and through the numerous training sessions to reach an undisputed level of superiority. Practice, learn and become invincible with TenniRobo!

Multilevel ping pong training


Learn the basics of the game just in a few days! Stably identical serves will help you to train the key moves and overcome all initial difficulties you may face. Thus, you will master the fundamental table tennis techniques in the shortest time.


Grow faster than your opponents! Accurately programmable drills, separate serves and their trajectories, will help you to work out any existing or expected game situation, and also significantly improve your footwork.


Become the best! High paced drills, a countless variety of trajectories and rotations, and completely adjustable shot speeds — all of these will sharpen your game skills and become a trump card for upcoming competitions.

The main benefits

Human-like shots

Independent adjustment of the ball trajectory, speed & rotation. Thus, it’s possible to simulate & work out any game situation .

Limitless self-improvement

Training sessions with TenniRobo will never get boring as it can be configured to the skill level of each particular player

Remote configuration

Fast Bluetooth connection with smartphones and the ability to “understand” commands of any IR remote.

Ease of program sharing

Exercise settings can be shared between mobile devices, which gives the player an opportunity to learn the most advanced table tennis techniques (will be available soon)

Simple & precise digital control

Training programs of any difficulty can be created in just a couple of swipes. TenniRobo processes the commands sent on the fly.

Lightness & Portability

Can be easily transported in a sports bag or a backpack, and installed anywhere in a hall on a tripod, or on a table.

High speed

Quick switch between exercises saves time and effort, which provides ongoing learning progress.

Save on training sessions

Makes it possible to practice table tennis alone, thus reducing the number of high-cost training sessions with a coach.

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TenniRobo – the best table tennis robot on sale

  • progressive 3-motor system with “perpetual” brushless motors
  • the ball rotation from 0 to 20000 rpm
  • the ball speed up to 90 km/h ( 55 mph)
  • 42° / -20° head rotation in the vertical plane and + 23° / -23° in the horizontal plane
100 Balls

weight 2.1 kg / (4.6 lb)

180 Balls

weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)