TenniRobo is able to produce more realistic balls than any other robot. Why? Because:

  • It has precise digital control of the ball’s speed and spin.
  • You can install it anywhere around the table with a tripod, unlike other robots that have to be mounted on the table or only at the end of the table. You have 100% freedom here.
  • It is very powerful. It is not a problem to shoot from 5 meters distance behind the table, to lob or even chop from an “under the table” position.

TenniRobo supports all possible kinds of spin: topspin, backspin, any sidespin, and no-spin. Even more, with our mobile app, you can easily select the angle of this spin. Actually, you are able to combine, for example, topspin with sidespin, or backspin with sidespin. You can do it just in one click!

Yes! You can make your own sequences (they are called “drills” in the app) with different ball behavior for each shot. For example, your drill can begin with a serve (e.g., backspin) to the center of the table, the second ball with mixed topspin/sidespin to the left corner of the table, and third ball without spin to the right corner of the table

You can have an unlimited quantity of saved shots or drills on your smartphone. And you can download any of these drills into the robot’s memory. TenniRobo has enough memory to store 5 different programs (up to 80 shots in each), which you can run either from your smartphone or from an IR remote.

It’s super easy to set up a no-spin ball. Just press on the ball icon – the green arrow (showing spin direction) will disappear, and the mobile app automatically tunes the motors for you.

At first – and you can use any IR remote (from your TV, sound system, etc.) – just teach your TenniRobo with the mobile app to understand this remote.
With an IR remote you can do 3 simple things:

  • Select one of the 5 programs in TenniRobo’s memory (you have to upload your programs to the robot from your smartphone).
  • Start the selected program.
  • Stop the robot.

An IR remote is very handy to use. You can easily start/stop the game, and you don’t have to put your mobile phone on the table, so it’s risk-free for it.

TenniRobo provides the fastest changing of the ball’s spin direction among all robots. When the “Reverse” option is disabled, the minimum time for changing the spin direction is less than 0.5 seconds, regardless of the spin type (topspin, backspin, sidespin, etc.).

In addition, you have the opportunity to enable the option of reversing the motors (one or two motor rollers can change their rotation to the opposite direction). This creates an incredibly strong spin, although it takes time to reverse the motors. Therefore, when the “Reverse” option is turned on, changing the spin direction takes 1.5 to 2.5 seconds, which is still quite fast.


The TenniRobo has a container for 100 or 180 balls (different versions). This quantity is enough to play for about 4 minutes with the usual game rate. After that you have to add other balls to the bucket or collect the balls. And this is good, because it gives you time to rest and analyze your game! 

Read more about this here 

Yes! You can use the old celluloid 40mm balls, just like the new plastic 40+ balls. Even more – you can mix them without any modification of TenniRobo. Just load them into the robot and enjoy your game! This is a great option, because (as you probably know) different balls have slightly different behaviors, so you can produce some randomization in your game (as a human does).

This is possible because TenniRobo uses excellent foam rubber wheels, which are not sensitive to small deviations in ball diameter

TenniRobo can be mounted on a standard tripod (usually used for photo or video cameras). And this is great! If you mount the robot behind the table, you get much more freedom and a “human-like” ball behavior. With its excellent digital spin control system, TenniRobo can simulate any ball (or even a series of different balls) that you want to play.

TenniRobo can make very strong shots – its distance from the table can be greater than 6 meters (20 ft). So, you can mount your robot anywhere: near the table, far from the table, in the corner, or even below the level of the table. Of course it can also be removed from the tripod and placed on the table. Have you ever dreamt of playing a game with your favorite table tennis star? Just do it!

No, a tripod is not included in the package, because many people already have their own tripod and can use it with TenniRobo. Also, if a tripod was shipped, it would significantly increase the cost of shipping. It’s easy to buy a standard tripod in your country if you don’t already have one

TenniRobo’s wheels are very durable. For example, the first prototype has worked for about a year in our table tennis club without any wheels needing replacement. However, it is very easy to adjust the distance between wheels with a standard screwdriver. You also can easily replace a wheel with another one by using a standard small wrench (10mm).

Of course, replacement parts will be available. But let me describe some parts of the TenniRobo.

The main motors are VERY durable. Unlike other robots (which use brushed motors with a short life span), TenniRobo uses brushless motors, that have only one part that could be broken – bearings, which have an extremely long life span. I believe that this motor will be the last part that can be broken.
The feeding system also uses a motor with a similar principle.
The head uses standard servo motors, which can be easily replaced. It is possible to buy these motors online or even in your local department store

Mobile application and firmware

The TenniRobo mobile app is fully supported by all Android smartphones with Android 5 or newer (6/7/8/9, …) and IOS since v9 (iPhone 5 or newer).

All smartphones must support the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) interface.

The Android app is available on Google Play Market and the IOS app is available on AppStore. At present the app is available for approved users only (TenniRobo owners and beta testers).

The Android app is available on Google Play Market and the IOS app is available on AppStore, but only for approved users (TenniRobo owners and beta testers). Once an update is released, you will be able to update the app like any other app from the Play Market or AppStore.

Yes. I’m working with new features continuously. A lot of new features can be added with the upgrading of the mobile app, and this doesn’t require a firmware upgrade.
However, TenniRobo’s smart controller already has the ability to upgrade its firmware – this option has been fully tested already. I am aware that there are a lot of electronic devices that have problems after upgrading firmware (for example unpredictable power-off can damage firmware in these devices). This is not so in our case. I have put a lot of effort into this part, so that Tennirobo’s bootloader (code which performs a firmware upgrade) can’t be erased or damaged under any circumstances. Your robot’s firmware upgrade will be painless and risk-free.
In the future, when new firmware will be released, you will be able to upgrade your TenniRobo just from your smartphone.


Yes, it’s safe. Although the motors are really strong and fast, they are controlled by a very smart electronic controller, which is checking the motor’s power and speed all the time while the motor is working. As a result, when the motor’s speed decreases unpredictably, the controller just stops the motor and tries to do a soft re-start with a very low force. Brushless motors with smart controller – it’s a big advantage of the TenniRobo. Many other robots use standard brushed motors, which don’t have this option.

Warranty, spare parts

One year warranty for electronics. 
Mechanical damage is not covered under warranty, except for cases of factory defect. If a factory defect occurs, we will replace it for you for free.

Yes, spare wheels are available for sale. But please note that they are very durable. Thus, you won’t need a spare wheel in a year or more (depending on how often do you use your TenniRobo).

Payment and Shipping

Yes, we ship TenniRobo worldwide. In addition, it is possible to mark it as a gift.

The shipping cost depends on how far your country is located from Ukraine. Usually, we use registered postal service, which costs USD $35–45 and takes about 2 weeks for delivery.

For some countries, shipping with UPS is available. For example, shipping to the USA with UPS costs USD$74–76 and takes 4 to 5 days.

Yes, we accept PAYPAL (trusted US account) as the safest payment method for you.
There are also a lot of other payment methods available. It can even be Western Union if you want.