Happy New Year 2019!

Dear friends!

I would like to congratulate you with New Year 2019!

All we love table tennis, and I wish you to significantly improve your skills and take only the first place in your championships this year.  Who knows, maybe very soon someone of you will replace the “number one” in the world ranking of table tennis 🙂

From my side, I will improve TenniRobo next year, I would like it will help you to achieve this goal. I suppose soon we will get IOS app, random programs generation, … and many other new features.

I really appreciate feedback from current TenniRobo users, your support and advice are very helpful. I’m continuing to work with the robot, and I will post info about a new feature soon. Do you want to know which? Ask yourself – how fast your balls fly, and how fast the balls fly from the best table tennis players? Are you able to serve these fast balls? TennirRobo is going to help you with the answer!  More info in the next update…

Happy New Year 2019!

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