Hey, how about some ping-pong!?

What is “TenniRobo”?

I’m developing a robot which may be an asset for table tennis lovers and professionals. I believe that this baby is going to become a 2nd trainer for you later, yet now it is passing an alpha-testing stage in a table tennis club here, in Ukraine. By the end of March, I’m planning to finish the current iteration to make it ready for reaching a wider audience.

Key features

It is a trainer which always has time and resources for you. Can be used as a trainer assistant, too.

  • Controlled from any Android device via Bluetooth LE (everything is better with Bluetooth), or using an infrared remote control. Mobile apps will be published when the first batch is ready for shipping (iOS is going to be soon)
  • Precise and fast tuning of all ball parameters. Thanks to the smart motor controller, the robot can shoot the balls like professional players do. It spins the balls to achieve top/back/side/diagonal rotation (from 0 to 15000 rpm), it can also accelerate them to a speed of a little spaceship
  • Different spins in a sequence!
  • Fully programmed. You can create different sets of patterns and styles to practice in a way you need. Use predefined sets, combine them with your own ideas, or let the computer play with you in a randomized way
  • It is possible to program shooting intervals in a very accurate way, the precision shooting timings is less than 0.1 sec
  • Put it on a tennis table or on a tripod near it. As a result, its “style” will be as human-like as it can be. However, if you prefer robots to people, it is also a good choice
  • Can use any 40 or 40+ balls
  • 100 balls in the tank. The quantity can be easily increased if needed
  • Mobile and lightweight (5 pounds / 2 kg only; packed in a mid-sized bag). Can be moved inside your training location or carried wherever you need it


Here is a video about the robot, it has subtitles in English. Please turn the subtitles on while watching.

Want to see more? Check out the youtube channel. Videos in English are coming soon, now you can watch some of previously posted ones with subtitles.

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