Random mode for drills

Yesterday a new update for TenniRobo app was released (Android v1.17 and IOS v1,15). It has got 3 new super cool features, and on of them is…

Random mode for drills

It works in such way: you create a drill with a few shots. Then you enable “Rnd mode” and press “Start” – each next shot will be selected from this list of shots in a random way

Rnd drill mode   Rnd drill in action

It should be noted that this mode only works under the control of the application – i.e. if the Bluetooth connection suddenly is dropped, the “magic” also disappears :-). And here one more new function can be very useful – it’s …

Rnd drill for robot’s memory

As you remember, TenniRobo has its own memory for drills. It can store 5 drills, each from 1 to 80 shots.

Now you can automatically generate drills with a given number of shots – they are still taken from the current list of shots in a current drill. To automatically generate a drill , click the “More” button and select “Rnd drill for robot’s memory”. Then select the number of shots that will be in the drill  being created – and you’re done.

Rnd drill generation Shots in rnd drill

Now you can load the created drill into the robot’s memory, and use the random mode without a smartphone and mobile application. In my experience, it is impossible to remember the sequence 50 randomly mixed shots, everything looks like just a random set.

I have many ideas on how to make this mode even better, and I will improve it further. But even in this form it greatly helps in training – checked for yourself. There is an element of surprise, and this makes you prepare for every new ball ; there is no looping that is often present when training with a simple robot

What else?

This is not the only improvement in the new application. In a few days I’ll talk about another cool feature – “Cycle mode”. I made this mode for my training, but I am sure it will be very useful to everyone – both individual players and coaches. Now I can not imagine using a robot without it.

Stay tuned!

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