TenniRobo Android app is available without registration now

Dear friends,

In these difficult days for Ukraine, we at TenniRobo decided to make our Android application available to all users without registration.

Actually, we wanted to do it in February and show you our new great project, but due to compelling circumstances, a new project has been postponed for a while.

Now you can access the application without any restrictions. You don’t need to ask us to add your email to the list of approved users. You can sell or buy any used TenniRobo without the concern of losing access to the app.

More improvements are coming, we will do our best to continue updating the app and support users in the future.

And another reason for making the app available without registration is to say something to our russian users. As I believe, many of them don’t have access to independent news about the recent war, but only the government-controlled propaganda calling it a “special operation.” There’s a small hope that some of them are still open-minded and at least can listen to a different point of view.

The app contains some additional information in russian version ONLY. There are true photos and links to true news about the current situation in Ukraine. The reality is terrible – my city of Kharkiv and many other cities in Ukraine are now being bombed. Russians started to bomb people’s homes, schools, universities, and administrative buildings. And only you russian people can stop this madness.

I am a 100% russian speaking person, and I want to say – we, russian speaking people in Ukraine don’t need to be “rescued” by your army. Stop Putin!

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