TenniRobo got a bigger basket for balls

Today I want to show you the second huge update, which TenniRobo got last month (personally, I think it’s very important). The updated TenniRobo has a bigger basket for balls. Its capacity has grown to 180 balls instead of initial 100 balls.

Thus said, from this day TenniRobo exists in 2 versions, and I strongly recommend you to use the second one (extended version) only. The robot’s size visually changed only by 25% while it still lightweight and compact. You can put it in a middle-sized backpack, the weight of a robot is comparable to the weight of a usual laptop.

Another advantage of the new version – when it’s mounted on the table without a tripod, the “head” can be rotated in any direction. The old version has a restriction – the head can’t be tilted down because it touches the table.

Here is a small comparison table for these two versions of our robot:

TenniRobo – 100 balls TenniRobo – 180 balls
Dimensions (L-W-H)

250х190х260 mm

9,8х7,5х10,2 inches

290х240х330 mm

11.4×9.5×13 inches

Weight without power supply unit 1,5 kg 1,9 kg
Weight with a power supply unit


2,1 kg

2,5 kg

In the next few days, I’ll describe in more details why I think this update is so essential. I will show you an example of a custom drill with some calculations.

P.S. Clients who have already communicated with me and are waiting for shipping of the robot (those who are in a waiting list now) can order the new version of TenniRobo for the same price as we have discussed. Just let me know.

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