TenniRobo won 10th pitch day from Ukrainian Startup Fund

I am incredibly happy to share this news with you – yesterday the supervisory board approved a grant for the development of the project. For us, this is both a joyful and exciting moment. A great opportunity opens up in terms of development, organization of mass production and the addition of new unique features to robots. Obviously, there will be many unexpected difficulties along the way, but we will try very hard to solve them on the fly.

Victory would have been impossible without all our ‘early birds’, clients from all over the world. They believed in us at the initial stage and constantly shared opinions to improve the robot. We have already become friends with some of you, and I hope our circle will grow! I also should mention the people who advised us: the athletes and fans of table tennis – your help is invaluable. Thanks to all of you!

And of course, many thanks to Ukrainian Startup Fund for the support it provides to startups in Ukraine – it is really needed.

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