6. How to setup a drill

Now we will learn how to use the “Drills” feature.

Please note – this video uses the “Program” word instead of “Drill”

To create any drill:

  • Go to Drills page
  • Press the “New” button (for example the button for the first memory slot) – you will be transferred to a “Drill #1” page
  • Now you see the empty list of shots fro Drill#1. On the left upper corner, you see a switch “Show robot’s location”. Press it and select vertical and horizontal zones (where your robot must be located near the table for this drill)
  • Press the “Add new” button below (add a new shot to drill) – you will be transferred to an “Edit shot” page.
  • Create a shot with required settings. When you are ready, select the “Ball’s zone” tab on the right below. You must “tell the app”, where the ball falls with these settings. Because you don’t have the robot now, you can’t launch a ball and check this position. Please select any zone – you will be able to coerce it later. Then press the “Back” button on the left upper corner (left arrow icon). Confirm that you want to save these settings (Press “Apply settings”)
  • Now your drill contains one shot. You can add other shots (or copy the existing one). When you are ready, press “More” button, then “Save drill as..” and save this drill in your phone
Later you can upload this drill to the TenniRobo, debug it, save again, and play
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