Help Paralympian to support Ukrainian University in destroyed Kharkiv city

I want to introduce a good friend of mine, Maryna Litovchenko. She is the gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Table Tennis Games.
Marina is not only a professional table tennis player. She is an outstanding and caring person, the founder of a public organization that helps people with disabilities. Also, she helped me a lot with testing the new TenniRobo version. I really appreciate it, and now want to help her too.
You have heard about the war in Ukraine, and the situation in our city Kharkiv which is shelled by russian troops harshly. Many buildings are damaged, and critical city infrastructure is destroyed… That’s why Maryna decided to sell her Gold Paralympic Medal and transfer all money to help Karazin University in Kharkiv – the university, which she graduated from and where she worked. She wants to support teachers and students of her University to preserve Ukrainian culture and knowledge during this trying time.
It is sad for me to even hear about the possibility of selling the most important medal for any professional player. The medal symbolizes not only Marina’s great work and dedication, but it is also a national heritage.
Although, there is another option. Together, we can try to raise the necessary amount of money at GoFundme

(please turn on subtitles, Maryna speaks Ukrainian in the video)

!!! I need your participation and your help!!! Please help! Please take part in raising money to help Kharkiv University!
My name is Maryna Lytovchenko. I am a professional parasport table tennis player (parasports are sports played by people with disability). I won a Gold Medal in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, a World Championship in 2018 and won multiple medals in European Championships. Table Tennis and sports, in general, are my life, and I play to win!
Although I compete individually, I achieve victory because of the support I get. Some of my most considerable support comes from Karazin University in Kharkiv.  Karazin University is located in the very center of the city. Because of frequent bombardment, many of its buildings are destroyed. Teachers and students continue their classes from the bomb shelters and basements virtually. They need daily help, and now it’s my turn to support my university as Ukraine fights for its freedom and democracy, the fight we will win!
I firmly believe that education is one of the cornerstones of modern society. It is essential to preserve the territory of Ukraine as well as our culture and education. After all, the world encounters many problems: global warming, pollution, population growth, lack of food resources and many more. Education helps people achieve their potential, develop critical thinking, discover something new, and be literate and moral.
Today, my country demonstrates an unbreakable spirit and will achieve absolute victory! My city, Kharkiv, and its university are heroically holding out every day. Let’s help them survive together!


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